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The brutal murders of a young couple send Detective Carrie Lloyd and her partner, Guy Maclin, into a South Memphis neighborhood on New Year's Eve. The confusing crime scene gives them little to go on and progress is slow.

In a case that will test their resolve and leave them questioning their decisions, the detectives must put aside their own feelings to solve a twisted case of MEMPHIS HOMICIDE.

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APRIL 23, 2019

Jason book #19 has finally got a name!  WEB OF DECEIT.  Look for it before Memorial Day.

APRIL 16, 2019

The new Jason book is over half done! Unfortunately, it doesn't have a name yet. Estimated time of availability would be mid-May. Stay tuned. :)

APRIL 11, 2019

BOSTON HOMICIDE is on a countdown deal. Tell a friend or grab a copy!

APRIL 8, 2019

The newest book in the CITY MURDERS SERIES - MEMPHIS HOMICIDE - is now available in paperback at Amazon.

MAR 30, 2019

The audiobook version of MEMPHIS HOMICIDE is in production. For the first time, our book will feature a female voice actor doing the narration!

MAR 26, 2019

The first reviews of MEMPHIS HOMICIDE are in. Thanks so much to Joe Gel, Marilynn, and Book Lover for the kind words! Our readers are the greatest.

MAR 23, 2019

The signed paperback winners of MEMPHIS HOMICIDE are Roberta H., Janice W., and Lisa S.  Congrats to them. More news and drawings to come.

MAR 20, 2019

The new Jason strong book is underway! (In case you were wondering.)  ;)

MAR 18, 2019

MEMPHIS HOMICIDE is out! Picked up a copy yet? Here's a link.


MAR 7, 2019

Those waiting for MEMPHIS HOMICIDE - and you know who you are - will have to hold off until next week. My editor made several suggestions that have set our time line back a little. :(

MAR 1, 2019

The new book - MEMPHIS HOMICIDE - went to the editor today. The new cover can be seen above.

FEB 28, 2019

I've been made aware (by a reader) that the Audible book BOUND BY BLOOD has an error in it. The name of the county Bexar, that is featured in the book, is pronounced by the narrator as BEX - AR. As any one from Texas will tell you, this is incorrect. I was aware of the correct pronunciation, but failed to pass it on to the narrator, thus, this one is on me.

So, in the interest of clarity, and for all you who like to read things correctly, I will point out that the correct pronunciation of Bexar County is BEAR. I gather it has something to do with the Spanish origin of the name.

At any rate, my apologies for the error and from now on it will be Bear County. (Unless I goof up again.) JD

FEB 23, 2019

The new book - MEMPHIS HOMICIDE - goes to the editor next week. Won't be long now!

FEB 18, 2019

NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE is on a countdown deal for just .99


FEB 14, 2019

The new book - MEMPHIS HOMICIDE - is in the final steps. It should go to the editor next week. 1st of March is target. :)

FEB 11, 2019

The winners of audiobook codes of BOUND BY BLOOD have been notified. If you didn't get one, there'll be more giveaways soon!

FEB 8, 2019

The CHASER CHRONICLES BOX SET is on countdown for just .99


FEB 4, 2019

Those on the mailing list should check their inbox for the latest chance to win!

FEB 2, 2019

The audiobook version of BOUND BY BLOOD is now out. Visit the link.


JAN 30, 2019

A fellow author asked me to write a blog post for his site. If you're curious, here's the link.


JAN 28, 2019

Today is the last day to pick up the 10-book Jason set for just 1.99. That's a savings of 7.50! 


JAN 16, 2019

BOSTON HOMICIDE is on a countdown deal right now.


JAN 14, 2019

The new CITY MURDERS novel is coming along nicely. MEMPHIS HOMICIDE will hopefully go to the editor in February.

JAN 9, 2019

FREE on Amazon right now- "WHERE'S MY SON?" 


JAN 5, 2019

The new book- MEMPHIS HOMICIDE -is well under way. Hope to have it available by early spring. Also, BOUND BY BLOOD is in audiobook production. That means another giveaway soon. :)

DEC 31, 2018

So - I've been out of touch since before Christmas - and I hope everyone had a nice holiday. Ours was full of family and food. As this is the last post of 2018, I thought I'd look forward.

The plan for 2019 includes six new books, two more than last year, including a new series. Nonetheless, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men - but here's hoping.

Anyway, Thank you for all your support & encouragement, and best wishes for the New Year.

God Bless, John and Bev. 

DEC 20, 2018

Congrats to Laurie R., Missy C., and Elizabeth N.  They're the winners of signed paperbacks from the CHOOSE THE CITY MURDERS LOCATION drawing. Which city won? Watch your inbox!

DEC 19, 2018

On a COUNTDOWN DEAL right now is KEIKO'S WAR. Just .99


DEC 15, 2018

Those of you on our mailing list should have got a special note in your inbox.

You get a vote in the nextCITY MURDERS location, and can win a signed paperback!

DEC 13, 2018

The audiobook version of BOUND BY BLOOD is underway. Watch for updates and a giveaway.

DEC 6, 2018

The first reviews for BOUND BY BLOOD are in. Thanks so much to Pat S., Gabi, John P., MrsMac, Margie, and Maxilyn for the kind words. So glad to hear you enjoyed it!

DEC 5, 2018

The winners of BOUND BY BLOOD signed paperback drawing have been notified. Congrats to Ty Simanson, Michelle Slater, and Sue Nigh.

More giveaways soon!

DEC 1, 2018

BOUND BY BLOOD, Jason book #18, is now out! Looking forward to the first reviews! (I think...) 


NOV 24, 2018

The new Jason book, BOUND BY BLOOD, is with the editor. Hope to have it done any day now!

NOV 20, 2018

KEIKO'S WAR is on a countdown deal. Pick it up for the young reader in your family. Just .99.


NOV 17, 2018

The winners of the audiobook drawing have been notified. More giveaways soon!

NOV 11, 2018

Those on our mailing list should check their in-boxes for a chance to win.

NOV 10, 2018

The new Jason book, BOUND BY BLOOD, is done. It will go to the editor next week. Still hoping for release before Thanksgiving. Cover reveal soon!

NOV 3, 2018

MISSING CHLOE is on a countdown deal at Amazon.


OCT 25, 2018

So, my interview with Pat Rullo was featured on iHeart radio. Check it out!


OCT 22, 2018

Those of you on the mailing list should have got notice that CROSSOVER-The Chaser Chronicles #1- is FREE on Amazon right now!


OCT 20, 2018

BOUND BY BLOOD has passed the halfway point and is rounding into shape. It's fun to pick up with Jason and Vanessa again. :)

OCT 13, 2018

The new Jason book has a working title- BOUND BY BLOOD - and is on schedule for release before Thanksgiving, hopefully. :)

OCT 10, 2018

"Where's My Son?" is free on Amazon right now!


OCT 6, 2018

The new JASON book is off to a good start. Not sure of the title yet.

SEPT 29, 2018

Work has begun on the new JASON novel. Release is targeted for before Thanksgiving!

SEPT 27, 2018

The paperback version of MISSING CHLOE is now available.


SEPT 22, 2018

Thanks so much to Dutch Meyer, Warren Lewis, Joe Gel, Gabi Rosetti, and Vivian W. for your great reviews of MISSING CHLOE.

SEPT 14, 2018

Soooo, I answered a set of 21 questions for the radio spot. If you have a few minutes to waste that you'll never get back, you can read them here.


SEPT 12, 2018

Did a guest spot on SPEAK UP TALK RADIO with hostess Pat Rullo. We discussed writing, and plans for the Jason series & the City Murders.


SEPT 10, 2018

Congrats to Walter White, Anne Hester, and Becky Fiscus. They're the winners of a MISSING CHLOE signed paperback. More drawings soon!

SEPT 6, 2018

The audiobook and paperback versions of MISSING CHLOE are in full production. They should release soon.

SEPT 4, 2018

The new book- MISSING CHLOE -is out! Hope you'll pick one up!

AUG 31, 2018

Those of you on our mailing list should look for the 1st Chapter of MISSING CHLOE to show up in your email on Saturday morning, Sept. 1.

AUG 25, 2018

MISSING CHLOE will go to the editor on Monday. For the first time, those of you on our mailing list will receive an advance copy of Chapter One, before it is published. The cover reveal and first chapter will go out next week.

AUG 18, 2018

The new book, MISSING CHLOE, should go to the editor by the end of next week. A cover reveal is coming soon!

AUG 11, 2018

The winners of the New Orleans Homicide audiobook drawing have been notified. Congrats to them. As always, for everyone else, there's more to come. :)

AUG 7, 2018

Those on the mailing list should watch their in-boxes. A new giveaway launches tomorrow.

JULY 30, 2018

I have a single code for a free audiobook. It's for DRIVEN TO KILL. If you'd like it, drop me a line.

JULY 28, 2018

The new book has a title. MISSING CHLOE. It's coming along nicely, if I say so myself, which I do. :)

JULY 23, 2018

The audiobook version of  NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE is in final review. Look for a release date and a giveaway soon! 

JULY 13, 2018

The new book is well underway, and a cover is in the works. Look for the release around Labor Day. (Maybe?) Lol.

JULY 7, 2018

The winners of the "DRIVEN TO KILL"  audiobook giveaway will see their notification emails arrive shortly. Congrats to the winners!

JULY 3, 2018

Another giveaway lands in mailboxes tomorrow, just in time for the holiday!

JUNE 28, 2018

Those of you on our mailing list should watch your inbox tomorrow. 😀

JUNE 23, 2018

The first reviews for NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE are in. Thanks so much to Marjorie, Dennis, and Stephanie for the five stars and kind words. We appreciate it.

JUNE 22, 2018

Congrats to Nancy Laymer, Bonnie Ezzelle, and Paul Kelley! They're the winner of a signed copy of NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE. More giveaways to come soon.

JUNE 18, 2018

Those on our email list should watch for a last chance to enter the latest drawing. A signed paperback of NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE.

JUNE 13, 2018

The new CITY MURDERS book is out! NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE has been released.


JUNE 9, 2018

The audiobook version of DRIVEN TO KILL is in final review. Those on the email list should watch for codes!

JUNE 8, 2018

NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE is in final editing and will be out next week!

JUNE 2, 2018

The new CITY MURDERS book is on its way to the editor. NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE should be out in just a week or so. Check out the new cover!

MAY 26, 2018

The manuscript for NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE is finished!  Let the editing begin. The cover reveal will be coming soon.

MAY 25, 2018

Congrats to Linda Adams, Charles Boecker, & Bobbie Paul. Their the winners of the Memorial Day Giveaway. Another one to come soon with the release of NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE.

MAY 21, 2018

Heads up to our mailing list folks! There's a giveaway coming to your inbox!

MAY 17, 2018

Had the first look at the cover for NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE. Growing closer all the time to release day!

MAY 12, 2018

Those of you on our mailing list should watch for a Memorial Day giveaway. Just in time for summer reading! If you're not signed up, you're missing out.  :)

MAY 4, 2018

The new City Murders Book- NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE- is coming along nicely. Release is anticipated to be early June.

APR 30, 2018

BOSTON HOMICIDE is on a countdown deal. Just 99 pennies. Tell your friends!


APR 23, 2018

THE CHASER CHRONICLES #1 - CROSSOVER- is free right now. Click the link.


APR 19, 2018

Very nice review of KEIKO'S WAR. Thanks Kathy Palmer.


APR 16, 2018

The new book, NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE, is well underway. More updates to follow.

APR 11, 2018

Today is the last day to grab KEIKO'S WAR for FREE.


APR 7, 2018

Starting tomorrow, KEIKO'S WAR will be available on amazon for FREE. If you haven't read it, check it out and grab it for nothing.

APR 4, 2018

DRIVEN TO KILL is now available in paperback on

APR 2, 2018

The new CITY MURDERS book is underway and will be taking place in...


For those who made different suggestions (Mount Vernon, Branson, Hurley, etc.), you will get your chance with the next book.

Readers will pick the city. 😲🤩😜

MAR 29, 2018

The new CITY MURDERS book is in final planning and should be underway next week. The city for the 7th in the series will be....😉 

MAR 26, 2018

LIMITED TIME COUNTDOWN DEAL. The 10 book Jason set is just 3.99!


MAR 20, 2018

The first reviews on DRIVEN TO KILL are in. Five stars and kind words. Thanks Candy K., Nancy L., and Celeste.

MAR 19, 2018

Congrats to Kerri K., Christa, and Dutch M. They're the winners of a signed copy of DRIVEN TO KILL.  More giveaways soon.

MAR 17, 2018

For those of you entered in the drawing for signed copies of the DRIVEN TO KILL paperback, the drawing is Monday the 19th.

MAR 13, 2018

Now available on Amazon. DRIVEN TO KILL- Jason Book 17. Check it out!

MAR 3, 2018

DRIVEN TO KILL is back from the editor and going through final clean-up. Won't be long now.

MAR 1, 2018

The winners of the SEATTLE HOMICIDE audiobook codes have been notified. Congrats to them.

FEB 22, 2018

The new Jason book is in the editor's hands. Click the Jason tab above to see the cover reveal for DRIVEN TO KILL.

FEB 26, 2018

Mailing list subscribers should watch their inbox for a chance to win.

FEB 20, 2018

The audiobook version of SEATTLE HOMICIDE is finally available. Check it out here.


FEB 16, 2018

Soooo - the newest Jason book is done. Now the fun begins - editing. Look for a cover reveal of DRIVEN TO KILL next week.

FEB 10, 2018

Just a quick update on the latest Jason book-DRIVEN TO KILL. It is ahead of schedule and should be finishing soon. Of course, then the editing fun begins!

FEB 3, 2018

Going on now is a Countdown Deal featuring BOSTON HOMICIDE. Just 99 cents from 2.99.


JAN 29, 2018

I'm happy to report that the audiobook version of SEATTLE HOMICIDE is getting closer to being done. There have been a few delays, but it won't be long now.

JAN 20, 2018

The new Jason book has a working title. DRIVEN TO KILL. Release should be the end of February or early March.

JAN 16, 2018

The new Jason book is going great but still no title. Seems to get harder every time! Maybe I should let the readers decide. ;)

JAN 12, 2018

A new countdown deal started today on the Jason Strong 10-book collection. A  nearly 20.00 value - normally 9.50 - can be had for a song!

CLICK HERE to check out the deal.

JAN 8, 2018

The new Jason book is officially underway. No title yet, but more updates to follow.

JAN 5, 2018

KEIKO'S WAR is on sale with a countdown deal on amazon. 

Click here.

JAN 1, 2018

Let me start by wishing all of our readers a blessed new year. We have heard from so many of you who have voiced your support for our books and encouraged our writing. Some have even pointed out things that need fixed in our books! We appreciate you all.

On the news front, Crossover is free on amazon right now. Also, the new Jason book will be starting soon- #17 in the series. There are plans to visit at least two more locations in the City Murders, one of which I plan to let the readers choose!

Bless you and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  John & Bev

DEC 26, 2017

FREE on amazon- WHERE'S MY SON? - Let your new kindle owner friends know. Maybe they'll thank you!  ;)

DEC 23, 2017

Congrats to alans of South Carolina. The winner of our final holiday giveaway this year. A signed copy of DENVER HOMICIDE will be on the way soon.

More giveaways in the new year.

DEC 16, 2017

Congrats to Kevin W.  He's the winner of the signed copy of MIAMI HOMICIDE. A new giveaway starts Monday.

DEC 11, 2017

A new giveaway is underway. A signed paperback of MIAMI HOMICIDE is up for grabs.

DEC 8, 2017

Congrats to Loreene O.  She's the winner of a signed copy of DALLAS HOMICIDE.

DEC 2, 2017

Congratulations to K. Kirkpatrick. She's the winner of Holiday Giveaway #1 - a signed copy of BOSTON HOMICIDE. A new giveaway starts Monday.

NOV 30, 2017

Surpassed 2500 audiobooks sold! Thanks to all who have listened and reviewed! SEATTLE HOMICIDE is in production now.

NOV 22, 2017

The podcast interview of yours truly is live. Check it out here.


NOV 18, 2017

A new giveaway is in the mail!

NOV 17, 2017

Congrats to K. Andrew, D. Wright, and R. Valdez. They're the winners of signed paperbacks of SEATTLE HOMICIDE.

NOV 14, 2017

The winners of the signed paperback copies of SEATTLE HOMICIDE will be announced on Friday the 17th. Watch your inbox if you are entered. More giveaways are directly ahead, so make sure you're on the mailing list at

NOV 11, 2017

Well, it's out! SEATTLE HOMICIDE has hit the shelves (digitally speaking) and you can get it. Also, mailing list folks have a chance to win a signed copy.

NOV 7, 2017

Expect to see an email notifying you of the SEATTLE HOMICIDE release before the weeks end! Signed paperbacks will be up for grabs, as always. 

NOV 4, 2017

I have received the edits on SEATTLE HOMICIDE, and it should be released early next week. Giveaways will ensue!

NOV 1, 2017

SEATTLE HOMICIDE is off to the editor today. Won't be long now!

OCT 28, 2017

The cover for SEATTLE HOMICIDE is revealed on our Facebook page and at the CITY MURDERS tab above.

OCT 26, 2017

SEATTLE HOMICIDE is finished. Now comes the editing. It seems to be on schedule for a mid-November  release. Watch for the cover reveal soon.

OCT 24, 2017

Had a nice chat with ALAN PETERSON on his podcast MEET THE THRILLER AUTHOR. He said it should air in early November and I'll post the date when I have it.

OCT 21, 2017

For those of you with Amazon Prime, or know somebody who has it, BOSTON HOMICIDE is currently available at no charge to you. Check it out or tip off a friend.

Hopefully, they'll thank you for it! ;)


OCT 20, 2017

I'll be taping an interview for the podcast MEET THE THRILLER AUTHOR. The taping will be on the 24th, and of course, I'll let you know when it will air. Alan Peterson is the host and it is aired out of the San Francisco area. It should be fun.

OCT 19, 2017

Found the picture above when I woke up this morning. Almost better than a cup of coffee!

OCT 18, 2017

The winners have been notified and sent their codes in the FATAL AFFAIR audiobook giveaway. Congrats to them, and if you didn't win, stay tuned. More giveaways and news to come.

OCT 17, 2017

The drawing for the FATAL AFFAIR audiobook codes will be tomorrow. Winners will be notified by email. Thanks and good luck to all who entered.

OCT 14, 2017

Those of you on our mailing list should watch your inbox on Monday morning. Another giveaway is coming. GOOD LUCK!

OCT 7, 2017

The new book, SEATTLE HOMICIDE, is well past halfway and coming along nicely. Early November is now target release time.

OCT 4, 2017

The audiobook version of FATAL AFFAIR is done and in final processing. It should be released any day!

SEPT 30, 2017

The winners of the signed KEIKO'S WAR paperbacks have been chosen. Congrats to Leigh S, Debra L, Betty73, David P, Vickie L, Kangae, and txhomegrown. You'll be notified shortly, and for everyone else, another giveaway is just around the corner!

SEPT 29, 2017

I thought it might be fun to look at the countries that are on our mailing list. Those of you who read our books are sharing the experience with the U.S, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Malta, Suriname, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Belgium, Austria, and Cyprus. I'm sure I missed a few, so if you're one of them, let us know. Thanks to all the readers!

SEPT 26, 2017

Those of you on our mailing list should watch your inboxes on Wednesday for a chance to win. 

SEPT 25, 2017

The audiobook version of KEIKO'S WAR is in production. That means free codes!

SEPT 23, 2017

The new book is well under way. Targeting the end of October for release of SEATTLE HOMICIDE.

SEPT 18, 2017

The competition (held in my head) to be the city in the next HOMICIDE book has been won by ... drum-roll please... SEATTLE. To those other cities who were in contention, better luck next time!

SEPT 15, 2017

The signed paperback winners of KEIKO'S WAR have been announced! Check your inbox to see if you won.

SEPT 12, 2017

As you can probably tell from the info just above, KEIKO'S WAR has been released. It has been completely rebooted and edited. We hope you'll give it a try.

SEPT 8, 2017

Those of you on our mailing list should watch your inbox early next week. Chances to win are coming!


The re-imagined book of TORN BY THE SUN, has a new cover and a new title.

Check our facebook page for both.


SEPT 1, 2017

Where has the summer gone! 

Anyway, a book I previously published under the name TORN BY THE SUN is being redone and re-edited. It will be released soon under a new name and cover.

Details to follow.

AUG 26, 2017

The free codes of DENVER HOMICIDE are already gone. They were done on a first come basis. Next up will be FATAL AFFAIR. In fairness to all, we'll give those codes away in a random drawing. Thanks to all who responded.

AUG 25, 2017

Those of you on our mailing list should have received a free offer on DENVER HOMICIDE. Check your inbox!

AUG 23, 2017

The newest book in the Homicide series - DENVER HOMICIDE - is now available in audiobook form. Watch for codes if your on the mailing list.

AUG 18, 2017

We now have over 5000 ratings on GOODREADS. Thanks to all who have been so kind.

AUG 15, 2017

The first reviews of FATAL AFFAIR are in and they're very kind. Thanks to Gabi and bbenson.

AUG 14, 2017

FATAL AFFAIR has been released. Check it out at the connected link.  LINK

AUG 11, 2017

The audiobook version of  DENVER HOMICIDE is in final editing. Free codes are coming soon!

AUG 10, 2017

The journey to a new release is almost over. FATAL AFFAIR should be out in a few days. (Fingers crossed)

JULY 31, 2017

FATAL AFFAIR is off for final editing! Just a few days to release now.

JULY 29, 2017

Click on the Jason tab above to see the cover for FATAL AFFAIR. Jason book #16.

JULY 22, 2017

Anyone interested in joining a read-a-thon will find a signed copy of our books up for grabs.  LINK

JULY 21, 2017

The new Jason book has an official title: FATAL AFFAIR. It will be number 16 in the series and is due out in early August.

JULY 18, 2017

For those of you on our mailing list - look for notice of a sale starting tomorrow. :)

JULY 14, 2017

Many of you have left reviews on our books lately. (You know who you are!)

Bev and I just wanted to thank you so much.

Bless you all.

JULY 8, 2017

The new Jason book is coming along more or less on schedule. The name has changed, and may change again, so we'll keep it under wraps for now!

JULY 1, 2017

The cover for DENVER HOMICIDE is in a contest. If you'd like to vote for the best cover, visit this link. LINK

JUNE 28, 2017

After a brief vacation, (yes, even writers get vacations!) we are back writing the new Jason book. End of July is target for release.

JUNE 20, 2017

The new Jason book is approaching the halfway point and now has a name!    BLOOD MONEY

JUNE 17, 2017

The CHASER CHRONICLES BOX SET is at a new lower price. Get all six books in the series for just 2.99.

JUNE 15, 2017

FINALLLLY, (just kidding Rich!) the audiobook version of DENVER HOMICIDE  is under way. What's ahead? Free copies of course! Check back or watch your inbox for news of its availability.

JUNE 14, 2017

If you didn't get the memo  :)  -  the first ten books of  the Jason Series are on a COUNTDOWN DEAL. All ten for  just 2.99. That's a 14.00 value but only for a limited time.

Also, did you know you can go to the Amazon page and select GIFT?

The set will be given to anyone you choose - say a Dad?

JUNE 9, 2017

Those of you on our mailing list, watch for something special on Sunday the 11th.

JUNE 2, 2017


JUNE 1, 2017

We want to say thank you to all of you audiophiles out there. Over two thousand copies of our audiobooks have been sold. Bless you!

MAY 30, 2017

On the news front, some of you might be interested to know the new JASON book is underway. And yes, Vanessa is back. Target date for release is late July.

MAY 25, 2017

The first reviews for DENVER HOMICIDE are in and they are good. Thanks to D. Meyer, K. Williamson, and Susie Q. for your kind words.

MAY 19, 2017

The winners of  the two signed paperback copies of DENVER HOMICIDE have been announced.

Congrats to Edward M. and Leslye M.

More giveaways to come.

MAY 17, 2017

The giveaway above, which includes CROSSOVER, is still open for entries. I've included the link here. LINK

MAY 13, 2017

Our GOODREADS rating has increased to 4.14 out of 5.00, and we now have over 4,000 ratings. Thanks to everyone for your kind words and positive ratings.

MAY 10, 2017

Thanks to our loyal readers, DENVER HOMICIDE made it all the way up to #5000 in the amazon paid store on its first day. Pretty good for a small-time indie author. Thanks again for your support!

MAY 9, 2017

DENVER HOMICIDE is out! To celebrate, we are giving away two signed paperback copies. Visit this link to enter. LINK

MAY 8, 2017

It's back!!  I've got the edits back and will be finishing up soon. Look for a note in your inbox saying DENVER HOMICIDE is available and you can win.

MAY 3, 2017

Just got word that my editor is running behind on DENVER HOMICIDE.


Doesn't she know there are thousands waiting for this book - okay, hundreds, - okay, maybe a dozen, - but hey, people are waiting!

Anyway, updates on release will be forthcoming.

APRIL 29, 2017

Posted a fun interview from 2015 on the Author tab above.

APRIL 27, 2017

DENVER HOMICIDE is scheduled for release on May 5th.

APRIL 21, 2017

The cover for DENVER HOMICIDE has been revealed. Check the CITY MURDERS link above. Giveaways will ensue!

APRIL 17, 2017

DENVER HOMICIDE will go to editing by Wednesday! Cover reveal later this week.

APRIL 11, 2017

The new book - DENVER HOMICIDE - is on schedule for a last week of April release.

Keep watching for a firm date and the cover reveal!

APRIL 7, 2017

Congrats to Don D. - He's the winner of the signed paperback. More drawings soon.

APRIL 3, 2017

The drawing for a signed copy of "WHERE'S MY SON?" will be held on Friday. If you didn't get the email, drop me a line and I'll send you the entry link. Good Luck.

MARCH 28, 2017

"WHERE'S MY SON?" has been included in PRIME READING. If you know someone with Amazon Prime, they  can now try our book for free!

MARCH 25, 2017

Reaching the halfway point in the new book means we're on schedule! DENVER HOMICIDE is working its way to a late April release.

MARCH 21, 2017

Our books now have over 3500 ratings on GOODREADS. Thanks to all who have taken the time! Oh, and we're rated 4.09 out of 5  :)

MARCH 16, 2017

So many of you have taken time to post reviews on our books, and I just wanted to say thanks. In the world of Amazon publishing, it's a big deal. Just know that we appreciate it.

MARCH 10, 2017

The messy business of editing and re-editing has reared its ugly head this week. As a result, DENVER HOMICIDE is behind schedule. But that's over now. Onward!

MARCH 4, 2017

All the audiobook codes for SHADOW OF DOUBT are gone but I still have a few for some of the previous books. These allow you to listen for free. If you're interested, email or message me.

FEB 27, 2017

With March just around the corner, it's time to get started on a new book. DENVER HOMICIDE is under way!

FEB 25, 2017

SHADOW OF DOUBT is now available in audiobook form. Send me an email if you would like to listen for free.

FEB 22, 2017

CROSSOVER is free for a few days. Grab it if you haven' t read it or tip off a friend!

FEB 14, 2017

TORN BY THE SUN is free for a couple more days!  LINK

FEB 11, 2017

It appears the location of the new HOMICIDE book has been chosen. DENVER will be the setting for the next novel.

FEB 3, 2017

The winner of the drawing for a signed copy of SHADOW OF DOUBT has been announced. Congrats to B. Benson!

FEB 2, 2017

MIAMI HOMICIDE is on sale! Just a day or so left to get it at a discount.

JAN 28, 2017

For those of you not on the mailing list, I have a few codes left for the FREE audiobook DALLAS HOMICIDE. Drop me a line if you would like one.

JAN 27, 2017

The audiobook version of DALLAS HOMICIDE is now out.


JAN 26, 2017

SHADOW OF DOUBT has been released. You can read about it by clicking the Jason tab above or visit this link.


JAN 21, 2017

SHADOW OF DOUBT  is back and having a last run-though. Look for it early next week, and of course, there will be paperback give-aways soon!

JAN 19, 2017

The new book is slightly delayed because my editor has some dental problems. Getting the book back has been like pulling teeth!  Hah!  Seriously, I told her to feel better, then work on the book. Should be coming soon.

JAN 14, 2017

The cover for SHADOW OF DOUBT has been revealed. Check it out at the link above!

JAN 12, 2017

SHADOW OF DOUBT goes to the editor tomorrow! I hope your glad, I know I am!

JAN 6, 2017

The new Jason book, SHADOW OF DOUBT, is almost done. Then some editing, and boom-it's available!

JAN 2, 2017

The audiobook version of DALLAS HOMICIDE is in its final stages. Watch for announcement and chance to get free codes.

DEC 31, 2016

Happy New Year to all our loyal supporters. As an author, 2016 has been the best year we've ever had and it's thanks to all of you.
Sharing and telling others about the books, taking time to review them, and most of all encouraging us, has made us feel very thankful and humbled.
God Bless, and see you next year!
John & Bev

DEC 30, 2016

The new Jason book is in the homestretch. SHADOW OF DOUBT should be available in early January!

DEC 26, 2016

The winners of the Christmas paperback drawing have been notified. Congrats to them. More drawings soon!

DEC 24, 2016

 Bev and I would like to wish each and every one of you a MERRY CHRISTMAS! We so much appreciate your kindness and support all through the past year. God Bless!

DEC 19, 2016

Those of you who are here because of the email, You will want to check your inbox on Christmas Day. Three folks will be notified of an extra present under the tree. 

DEC 14, 2016

The cover of SHADOW OF DOUBT- JASON #15 is finished. Reveal to come soon.

DEC 10, 2016

SHADOW OF DOUBT is the name of the new Jason book. It's coming along nicely.

DEC 6, 2016

UPDATE: WHERE'S MY SON? is now number 1 in the Amazon free store for both Christian Suspense and Hard-boiled Mysteries! SWEET!

DEC 5, 2016

The Jason book "WHERE'S MY SON?" is free on Amazon and has made it all the way up to number 1 in Christian Suspense and #59 in the entire store! Pretty cool.

NOV 30, 2016

Just a few days left to order signed copies if you want them in time for Christmas.

NOV 26, 2016

Just sent off a complete set of  signed JASON STRONG MYSTERIES. Thanks to Cheryl B. for her order.

NOV 21, 2016

Congrats to Nancy L.- She was the winner in the click-to-enter contest for a signed paperback of DALLAS HOMICIDE.

NOV 17, 2016

The audiobook for DALLAS HOMICIDE is in production. Should be out around Christmas.

NOV 14, 2016

The new Jason book is underway! Before Christmas, maybe ;)

NOV 9, 2016

First review is in for DALLAS HOMICIDE. 5 star!

NOV 7, 2016

It's out! DALLAS HOMICIDE had been released.


NOV 3, 2016

Logged in to GOODREADS today to find an even 3,000 people had rated our books. Thanks to all of you and all our supporters!

OCT 31, 2016

It's back! DALLAS HOMICIDE is back from the editor. Won't be long now.

OCT 28, 2016

The cover of the new CITY MURDERS novel is up its page. Click the tab at the top!

OCT 27, 2016

DALLAS has gone to the copy editor. It just about time for release. Look for the cover tomorrow.

OCT 25, 2016

DALLAS HOMICIDE should go to the editor by Thursday! Cover Reveal before the end of the week.

OCT 21, 2016

If you're a newsletter subscriber, check your inbox for a free offer!

OCT 19, 2016

It's done! I have finished writing DALLAS HOMICIDE. Let the editing begin. Cover reveal will be in just a few days.

OCT 15, 2016

Today is kind of exciting. We reach 1500 sales of our audiobooks. Thanks to all the narrators, and especially the listeners.

OCT 11, 2016

CHICAGO HOMICIDE is now available in audiobook version. Check it out.


OCT 10, 2016

DALLAS HOMICIDE is well on its way, maybe even ahead of schedule! Imagine that.

OCT 7,2016

DEAD OF NIGHT is now available on Audiobook. Check it out!


OCT 6, 2016

A new audiobook is out. If you're on the mailing list, check your inbox for free codes!

OCT 3, 2016

CROSSOVER- CHASER CHRONICLES #1 is free on Amazon right now!


SEPT 30, 2016

I have a new batch of audiobook codes for anyone interested. They allow you to listen at no charge. This bunch is for DEADLY OBSESSION. Drop a line if you want one. I also have the directions on how to use them if you're not sure.

SEPT 26, 2016

The cover of the new CITY MURDERS book is done. Reveal coming soon!

SEPT 21, 2016

DEAD OF NIGHT is finished in audiobook form. Should be released soon and codes will be available. Watch your inbox!

SEPT 20, 2016

WHERE'S MY SON? is free for the next two days.


SEPT 10, 2016

The newest book in the CITY HOMICIDE series is under way. DALLAS HOMICIDE is targeted for a November release.

SEPT 7, 2016

DEAD OF NIGHT- JASON #14 is now available in paperback!


SEPT 5, 2016

The winner of the DEAD OF NIGHT  signed paperback is A. Reed. Congrats!

SEPT 2, 2016

Appreciate the nice reviews of DEAD OF NIGHT! Thanks to Vickie and Candy.

AUG 29, 2016

The new Jason book is out! DEAD OF NIGHT can be found at the attached link.


AUG 24, 2016

I have a limited number of free codes available for the latest audiobook.

Aug 23, 2016

The newest audiobook is out. DEADLY OBSESSION can be listened to at the link below.


Aug 22, 2016

DEAD OF NIGHT is back from the editor. Final changes and it will be out later this week!

Aug 19, 2016

The cover of  the new Jason book has been revealed. Find it on the Jason tab above or on Facebook.

Aug 16, 2016

The audiobook version of DEADLY OBSESSION is almost done. Codes soon!

Aug 9, 2016

The Epilogue on DEAD OF NIGHT will be done today, then it's off to the editors. Won't be long now!

Aug 4, 2016

Headed down the homestretch with the new Jason book. Should be off to the editor soon!

Aug 1, 2016

The winner of a signed paperback for August is Clay J.- Congrats!

Make sure you're on the mailing list for your chance to win.

July 30, 2016

Just an update on DEAD OF NIGHT. The book is past the halfway point and moving along nicely.

July 27, 2016

I am happy to announce a new partnership with Danica Page. She will be doing the editing on my future projects.

July 25. 2016

DEAD OF NIGHT  started exactly two weeks ago. It's now past 1/3 done. Looking to  release before Labor Day!

July 21, 2016

The new Jason book DEAD OF NIGHT now has a cover! Can't show it yet, but it's cool, I think. Reveal will be announced soon.

July 16, 2016

I had an author profile put up on BOOKLEMUR.COM. The link is below if you're curious.


July 15, 2016

The new Jason book is well underway and now has a working title. 


July 11, 2016

The new Jason book begins today! No working title yet but their will be murder!

July 9, 2016

Welcome to P.M.H., Jack Y., & Ed A.  Thanks for joining our mailing list.

July 8, 2016

Congrats to Charlene B.  She's the winner of the first paperback copy-signed- of CHICAGO HOMICIDE !

July 6, 2016

First Review is in on CHICAGO HOMICIDE!  5 stars. Thanks, Candy K.

July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth everyone and welcome to Frank P.

July 2, 2016

IT'S OUT!  That's right, CHICAGO HOMICIDE is available now.


July 1, 2016

This months winner of a signed paperback is Michelle L.

Congrats, Michelle!

June 30, 2016

CHICAGO is at the proofreaders. Remember, you can win the first printed copy, signed, if you're on the mailing list.

June 28, 2016

I have CHICAGO HOMICIDE back from the editor and will be releasing it soon!

June 25, 2016

Thanks and welcome to Debbie A. for joining our mailing list.

June 22, 2016

Everyone on our mailing list is eligible to win the first printed copy of CHICAGO HOMICIDE and have it signed.

Just follow the instructions on the email announcing the books release, which could be any day now.

Easy as pie and good luck.

June 18, 2016

Welcome and thanks to Shirlene H., Nancy G. and Jen P. for joining our mailing list.

June 15, 2016

Welcome and thanks to Judy and Nancy for joining our mailing list!

June 13, 2016

It's cover reveal day! To see the cover of CHICAGO HOMICIDE, just click the CITY MURDERS tab above.

June 11, 2016

Thanks and welcome to Nancy G., Perry S. & Jerry S. for joining our mailing list!

June 9, 2016

CHICAGO HOMICIDE is off to the editor. Won't be long now!

June 8, 2016

I may have mentioned this before, but it has come to my attention that some readers have got the impression that the JASON SERIES has ended. NOT SO!  I should be starting a new book soon,Just wanted to throw that  out there.

June 7, 2016

Welcome and thanks to Bobbie N. & Lee S. for joining our mailing list.

June 6, 2016

The winner of this months drawing for a signed paperback is Ash G. Congrats, Ash!

Make sure you're on the mailing list for your chance.

June 4, 2016

Today is the last day CROSSOVER is free.


June 2, 2016

The final pages of CHICAGO HOMICIDE are being written. Still on target for end of the month release!

May 30, 2016

I have had some people write and ask how to get updated versions of our books. I have posted a response from Amazon on my Facebook page. Click the red link.


May 28, 2016

Those of you on the mailing list received notice of a price change on the CHASER CHRONICLES OMNI. Now just 2.99 instead of 3.75 for five books. Make sure you're on the mailing list for deals like this.

May 24, 2016

FREE for 3 days only - "WHERE'S MY SON?" - Det. Jason Strong #1. Click the red link.


May 23, 2016

Mailing list members should watch their inbox Tuesday morning. Special promotion is coming your way.

May 21, 2016

Have passed the halfway point in CHICAGO HOMICIDE. Looking for a late June publication date and I am planning a special giveaway to coincide with the release. Stay Tuned!

May 20, 2016

The audiobook for DEADLY OBSESSION is nearing completion. That means free codes! Make sure you're on the mailing list to get yours.

May 16, 2016

FREE- 4 Days only- TORN BY THE SUN! 

Click on the red link to get it.


May 14, 2016

Just another heads-up for our mailing list folks. Check your inbox on Monday morning the 16th for another SPECIAL OFFER!

May 10, 2016

I've noticed a couple of reviews of DEADLY OBSESSION have mentioned it possibly being the last in the series. I'm not sure where the idea came from, but that is not the case. Jason, Vanessa, and the rest will be back in a new book later this summer. :)

May 7, 2016

Those of you on our mailing list should watch their inbox for a special announcement on Mother's Day.

May 2, 2016

Congrats to Patty. She's the winner of May's signed copy drawing. Another chance comes June 1st.

April 27, 2016

Tomorrow I will be doing the final re-edit on HOSTAGE. I just wanted to thank Robert Toohey for going over all of our books one more time. Hopefully, the fixes will make it a better reading experience for anyone picking up the Jason Series. 

April 23, 2016


Starting May 1st, everyone on our mailing list has a chance to win a signed paperback of their choice! (Has to be one our books ;)

Winners announced on our facebook and web pages.

April 18, 2016

Paid my taxes. Must write faster!

April 16, 2016

Just a quick note to say thank you to everyone who has visited my website. It makes an author feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

April 12, 2016

DEADLY OBSESSION is now in production for an audiobook version. You know what that means-FREE CODES!

April 8, 2016

The new book in the CITY MURDERS SERIES- CHICAGO HOMICIDE is well under way. No ETA yet, but will keep you up to date. Don't I always? :)

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