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Author of

The Det. Jason Strong Mysteries

The City Murders Series

The Chaser Chronicles




The brutal murders of a young couple send Detective Carrie Lloyd and her partner, Guy Maclin, into a South Memphis neighborhood on New Year's Eve. The confusing crime scene gives them little to go on and progress is slow.

In a case that will test their resolve and leave them questioning their decisions, the detectives must put aside their own feelings to solve a twisted case of MEMPHIS HOMICIDE.



The dead body of a young college student reignites an investigation into a series of bizarre murders, that remain unsolved, and killer who has returned
with a vengeance.

In the career of every detective, there is that one case that haunts them.
For some investigators, it's an unsolved murder. For others, it's the victims, and the suffering they endured.
For Vince Wills, it's a combination of the two, but at least he believed the killings had stopped. Now, he knows he was wrong.

Everything is on the line as he attempts to solve his biggest case of NEW ORLEANS HOMICIDE.


The City Murders  #6

Longtime detective partners TJ Samms and Shane Jordan are called out to a crime scene in North Seattle. 

At first, the case appears to be a run-of-the-mill shooting, but quickly turns into something far more complicated. 

This investigation will alter the lives of everyone involved, and in the end, nothing will ever be the same for the men and women of SEATTLE HOMICIDE.


The City Murders #5

An airline pilot arrives home on Easter Sunday to

discover his wife's lifeless body.
Experienced detective Kate Walker, and her young partner Tanner Austin, are assigned the case.

They have little to go on, and their frustration quickly builds. When a second body turns up, it only deepens the mystery. 
Fearing there are more victims to come, the detectives push themselves to unravel a bizarre case of DENVER HOMICIDE.


The City Murders #4

A report of a body sends Homicide Detective Peter Brandt to a murder scene in one of the city's wealthiest neighborhoods.
Without realizing it, he has just stepped into the case of his life. It will take all his experience and skill to find a killer unlike anyone he's encountered.

Is he in over his head? Has he stumbled into a case that could cost him everything?
Follow the clues as the detective struggles to solve a case of DALLAS HOMICIDE.


The City Murders #3

Detective Reggie Brown has put in thirty years with the Chicago PD, nearly half of those in Homicide. In just weeks, he will retire, but his future becomes uncertain when a disturbing new case takes control of his life.


Chad Marshall is an up and coming reporter with WWND-10 TV in Chicago. He's given information that leads to A gruesome discovery and sends him on a hunt for the story of his career.


Despite opposing interests, the detective and the reporter must join together to stop a killer. Together, they travel down a dark path as they're pushed to solve a case of CHICAGO HOMICIDE.


The City Murders #2

Two teens make a horrifying discovery in the sand of Miami Beach. 

Detective Eva Hernandez is called in the middle of the night to a scene with little evidence to identify the victim. She has no way of knowing the series of events ahead that will draw her into a complicated web of deceit and murder.

Just steps behind a charming man with a dark secret, she can't get her hands on him, and he threatens the lives of innocent girls if she doesn't stop him. 

Follow Eva as she works to solve her most emotional case since joining MIAMI HOMICIDE.


The City Murders #1

Officer Danny Sullivan has just become Detective Danny Sullivan, the first in a family line of Boston Police officers to do so. It's a milestone the whole family can celebrate. But quickly, his new position turns into something more than he ever anticipated.

His first case with a new partner throws him into a web of secrets, half-truths, and dead women. The conclusion he draws puts him at odds with everyone in his life, and the young detective must decide whether to risk everything to prove his theory that more women are about to die.

Will he save lives or end his career?

Follow Danny on his first case as a member of BOSTON HOMICIDE.